Teen Life Skills

Have you noticed that many younger generation of boys do not know how to accomplish basic things such as: open the door for a lady, ride a bike, start a lawnmower, drive a car, cook a meal, play an instrument, basic first aid, check/change oil, fix a flat, fix a door lock, use a hand saw, a torque wrench, use a drill, throw a baseball/football, plant a garden, hook a worm, fish, use a broom, etc.   I could go on and on, but I have also noticed that many of the boys have low self-esteem. Everyone I have spoken to completely agrees.

Some young male teenagers come from broken families but two decades of parenting have convinced me that spending time with your Father is so important in order for a young boy to become a man.  Our society is suffering from young boys not being taught simple things that give them a healthy self-esteem.

With this in mind, I want to start something here in San Antonio that would benefit these young boys.  If a group of volunteers could teach them the basic things mentioned above, I believe they would start to believe in themselves and experience the sense of genuine accomplishment that will benefit them for a lifetime.

There are several things to consider, but I believe that having a facility where we could invite young teenagers and teach them how to do things would be very exciting for them, so much so that they would want to come over after school.  I would even venture to say that we can teach them to become entrepreneurs after they realize the gifts God has given them.  Volunteers can teach life skills to young teenagers that will instill in them the attributes, knowledge, and fundamentals necessary to strengthen their self-confidence and improve themselves and society as a result.   Through our empowering techniques, young men and women will build their character, foster independence, instill faith, and cultivate respect for all so that they can fulfill God’s calling.  Our nation will only be as strong as the generation that follow us!  Once we teach them these important things they will become much more ready to be Disciples of Christ!

An organization like this cannot replace a Father, but I truly believe we can help these young boys and girls by filling the void in their lives and giving them hope.  In doing so, these young men and women will learn the skills that one day they will teach to their sons and daughters.  In learning these skills they will also be more effective in evangelizing and spreading the love of God through their actions.

With the money raised I hope to locate a building large enough to house items with space available for sections that contain items for projects such as:  art/painting section, computer section, kitchen/cooking section, instrument/music section, woodworking section, basic home repair section, simple plumbing section, bicycle section, sports section, automotive basics, etc.  I know our Parishioners would donate most of these items!  The teenagers would also let us know what they would like to learn next.

I have contacted local youth directors and they all agree that this endeavor is necessary and would be very beneficial having everything under one roof.  One of the youth directors told me that as teenagers start to visit, the dad’s will also attend and learn some great things too.  This would help form strong bonds between Fathers and sons/daughters.  As word gets out concerning the cool things they are learning, we could offer more and more specialties that would keep them growing and keep building their self-esteem.

A teenager would never spend the night here but only come to learn as the volunteers help them grow by teaching them valuable life skills.

A few days ago I contacted an old college friend who is the President and CEO of United for Life Foundation.  (www.UnitedforLifeFoundation.org)  He has a website called www.lgsociety.com because he knows and believes that teaching teens how to become ladies and gentlemen is perfectly in line with teaching them basic life skills.   The United for Life Foundation networks, funds, and unites charitable agencies to create more efficient charitable outreach programs.   Through this 501-C3 non-profit organization we can now accept donations so that through prayer, faith and determination we can begin this endeavor.   Let us not forget that America will be shaped by what we teach, or don’t teach our children.

In Christ,

Daniel Barron